The Cooluli 15 L Electric Mini Fridge Cooler/Warmer ~ Perfect Beginning To Any Hunting Trip

My Husband just came back from the Doctor last week with a GREAT report.  His triglycerides are down, his blood pressure is down, and his cholesterol is also down.  That is because he has completely changed his diet.  Now that he is getting healthier, he doesn't like to eat out at many restaurants.  So when he travels, he likes to take his food with him... If He Can!

Yesterday, he went hunting in a town about 2 hours away.  He decided to take his Cooluli 15 L Mini Fridge Cooler/Warmer.  He wanted to try out the warmer and see how well it worked.
The day before he left, we made quiche and vegetable soup so he would have a healthy meal on the trip.
The Cooluli was taken to the truck early, turned on with the food in it to get started warming.  We started with the food warmed and all we wanted was the food to stay warm until he got to his destination around lunch time.

After packing his hunting gear in the truck, he left and drove the 2 hours to one of his favorite hunting spots.   When he got the vegetable soup out of the Cooluli 15 L  It was just the right temperature for eating.  He is liking this little cooler/warmer.  It is a nice size and will hold enough food for at least 2 meals.
The only problem is, he can't leave this plugged in and go off hunting and expect his food to stay warm.  We don't want to run our battery down.

If you don't want to use it to heat food, it will also cool your drinks or keep cold foods cold.  Right now, it is winter in Pennsylvania so we don't have a problem keeping things cold.  We are headed to Florida in a month or so and this little Cooluli Cooler/Warmer will be perfect to keep our drinks and sandwiches cool then.

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About the Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge Cooler And Warmer

  • FORGET A COOLER FULL OF ICE: The thermoelectric system in the Cooluli Cooler and Warmer allows for easy switching from beverage cooler to food warmer! Ideal for use on camping and road trips, picnicking, or for people who spend time in their vehicles. Keep your drinks cold and refreshing, no ice necessary!
  • EASY SWITCH FROM COOLING TO HEATING: Take the cooler/warmer on the go and transition from cooling to heating with the flip of a switch! Easily fits in the back seat and plugs into the cigarette lighter with the included 6 and a half foot DC power cable to reach the back seat in any car regardless of the size. Cab and truck drivers love our product to keep them on the road and avoid wasting time and money at rest stops.
  • AC/DC ADAPTERS INCLUDED: The Cooluli Cooler & Warmer comes included with AC and DC power adapters – Easy to go from indoor 110V (AC) to car use by plugging the appliance into the car cigarette 12V (DC) adapter. The AC wire is 6 ft. long and the DC wire is 6 and a half ft. so finding an outlet won’t be a problem. Also great for use on boats, RVs and while camping or picnicking.
  • DURABLE DESIGN FOR TRAVEL: The Cooluli 10L Cooler & Warmer is designed with car travel in mind. Built from high quality, study plastic. The cooler is very well insulated and will keep beverages and food cool or warm for a good deal of time after the cooler/warmer is unplugged. This cooler/warmer is essential for anyone who loves taking road trips or going camping!
  • THERMOELECTRIC COOLING SYSTEM: Thermoelectric cooling shouldn’t be confused with refrigeration. Instead of blowing Freon with a fan (refrigeration) the Cooluli Electric Cooler & Warmer blows air from the metal inside to the outside with the help of an electric fan. This means the cooler/warmer is 100% safe and Freon Free. Since thermoelectric cooling works without refrigerants the Cooluli Cooler & Warmer is also environmentally friendly!


  1. Josie10:07

    I always wonder what to get my boyfriend when it comes to gifts. I would never have thought of a cooler, but this is a great gift idea, especially since he is a big hunter. Where he hunts, there are no restaurants and has to take his own meals.

  2. Trudy10:11

    The heck with my husband. I want one of these for myself. I travel with my job and can't always stop and buy ice.

  3. So if I am reading this correctly, I can use this in my office or in my car.

    1. Exactly Don.
      It comes with a plug for the cigarette lighter in your car, or you can use it in your home outlets.

  4. Barb10:32

    I don't really agree with hunting. That being said, my Father-in-law is a hunter. This would make a great gift for him and I wouldn't feel like I am supporting his hunting choice.

    1. There you go Barb.

  5. John11:21

    This is a nice size, but I still need bigger.

    1. They sell a 26 liter John. Here is the review I did. It is tall enough to hold a wine bottle.