We Got A GREAT New Tea Maker ~ Love It, Love it, Love it !!

While we were in Las Vegas, my Hubs wanted to taste some different teas.  Do you know how hard it is to find a place that will let you taste tea??  It is Hard.  But, I found a Teavana that said we could taste some tea there.  By the way, the Teavana Store is in the Fashion Show Mall.  We weren't far from it.  We were staying at Harrahs.

When we were at the store, they had maybe 5 or 6 different teas made to try.  Plus the boy that waited on us made us up a few others.  Believe me.... their teas aren't something I would want to drink.  I think they have things in them that I don't want.

But.... the Perfectea Maker is something I Wanted....  My Hubs liked it as well so we bought 2 of them.  Plus all the other things we bought.  Because we bought over $50, it was free shipping.  So we shipped our order home so we didn't have to take it on the airplane.

Getting back to the Perfectea Maker.  If you know anyone who uses loose leaf tea, you need to watch my video on amazon to see if it is something they will like.  I personally love it.   I grow my own herbs and this works great to make myself tea.

When you pour this tea out... you don't pour it.  you set the tea maker on the cup and it comes out with no tea leave floaters in your tea.  Really.... you need to watch my video to believe it.  I really do like this tea maker.

We paid $25 each for them, but I see on amazon that they are cheaper.
By the way... this is BPA free and cleaning it is easy.  Just rinse and the tea leaves come right out..

Check out my video review on Amazon

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  1. Jessica13:19

    I just had to go watch your video. Amazing! I want to get one of these for my boss. He loves his tea! Maybe it will get me a raise.