Teach Your Kids How To Recycle With Cooluli 16 oz. Aluminum Can and 20 oz. Plastic Bottle Crusher

I live in a town where we have to recycle our garbage.  Thank goodness I don't have to separate it into plastic, paper, metal.  I just have one huge can that I throw it all in.
My Daughter, on the other hand has to separate hers in different smaller bins.   It seems her plastic bottle bin is always overflowing.  She has had bottles blowing down the street and had to pick them up.

If you are one of those that separate your recycling into small bins, this can and bottle crusher is something you shouldn't be without.   This could become the most MUST HAVE tool in your home.
Not only is it useful for making a huge pile of cans and bottles into a small pile, but  this can be a teaching tool for your children.  This is the perfect way to introduce your kids to environmentally friendly living.   They will love the chore of crushing cans and bottles.

By the way!  This can and bottle crusher also has a built in Bottle Opener.  These come in the colors Black, Red, Blue and Grey.


  • Crushes 12 oz. and 16 oz. aluminum cans AS WELL AS 20 oz. plastic bottles WITH EASE! Simply place aluminum cans/plastic bottles in the crusher and pull down on the cushioned grip handle to crush cans/bottles for easier recycling. Indenting cans and bottles before compacting makes it easier to crush and puts less stress on the mechanism meaning the Cooluli Can/Plastic Bottle Crusher will stand the test of time.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Go green; recycle! Consolidate your recycling into a much more manageable size. The days of carrying bulky garbage bags full of recyclables are over! Make life easier and save money on trash bags at the same time.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Not only does the Cooluli Can/Plastic Bottle Crusher seamlessly crush aluminum 12 and 16 oz. cans it also works for 20 oz. plastic bottles. It also includes a built-in bottle cap opener! This multifunctional capability makes the can crusher a perfect accessory for any kitchen
  • STURDY STEEL DESIGN – The Cooluli Can/Plastic Bottle Crusher is built from high quality materials and will stand up to any aluminum can and continue working and working into the future. The cushioned grip handle makes using the can crusher even easier.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE to match the appliances and décor in any kitchen! Perfect to keep above the recycling bin in your house. While not required, you can mount the Cooluli Can/Plastic Bottle Crusher to the wall with the included mounting screws in the package.

You Can Buy This Cooluli Aluminum Can and 20oz Plastic Bottle Crusher on Amazon

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  1. Not only is this eco-friendly, it is FUN too! :)

  2. This is so great <3 Getting them started early! Makes it fun to recycle which I love! My town is terrible about recycling. Heck, they're awful about disposing their trash too. People just light their stuff on fire. It's terrible.

  3. I bet that makes it so fun! I remember crushing cans with stomping on them as a kid. That was fun!

  4. What a great invention. My mother in law collects cans and they take up a lot of space but this would make the bag a lot smaller

  5. My parents have a can crusher like this and I used to love using it! Now my kids do when we visit. We get to dump all of ours in one big can too. Makes it easy.

  6. This would be a very convenient thing to have around the house! I agree that it can also teach kids to be aware of taking care of the environment by letting them know about the value of recycling.

  7. We have mandatory recycling in our town as well. We don't have to separate or crush, just put it out into the robocan.

  8. This is so cool! Here in Norway we get charged a small fee for just buying a can or bottle of anything. Then once we return it to the store to be recycled we get that fee back. Normally it is only 1 kr which isn't very much but it is enough that everyone does it.

  9. That's pretty neat! And great for kids, for sure. Never too young to start teaching them about recycling.