Surprise from ~ A Poncho And A Pair Of EarMuffs

Yesterday was my Hubs Birthday.  We decided to go to Ohio to a Cabella's that he has been wanting to visit.  Then on the way back, he wanted to stop at a restaurant to get sushi.

On our way out of our driveway, my Hubs seen a package on our front porch.  I got out of the car and got it since it was raining.

What a surprise!!  Someone sent me a poncho.  I have no idea who it was... but Thank you so much!!
The poncho is knitted with fringe.  Perfect for these chilly days we are having in Pennsylvania.
You can wear this poncho as a light coverup or as a sweater.  I like to dress it up with a belt and a scarf.

You can order this poncho on Amazon
Or you can check out
for more great deals from their Winter Collection.

After my Hubs and I were done in Ohio, we came back home.  Another package was on my doorstep.

 This time it was EarMuffs!!
I actually needed a pair of earmuffs.  We are headed to NYC for a couple of days.  My ears freeze when walking around in the cold.  Since we are planning on going to Dyker Heights to see the Christmas lights, I will be outside for an extended length of time.

These earmuffs will make a Great Christmas present for someone you know.  They can be ordered on Amazon
Made of Fleece imitation rabbit hair and these earmuffs are very soft and comfy;great for winter outdoor sports

I have no idea who sent these to me... but if anyone else wants to send me presents... feel free.  I will send you my address.  Just email me ... You will find my email if you click on contact at the top of the page.

Check out my tweets to see more on these products.

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  1. I would love to receive anonymous gifts waiting for me when I get home too! And this reminds me I need new ear muffs :)

  2. That poncho is so cute! I love the poncho look and being pregnant its been a huge lifesaver for looking cute :)

  3. I love my ponchos. They are so forgiving for when you overindulge over the holidays. Haha! They are so warm and cozy too.

  4. Super cute and cozy! I love the poncho it looks great on you, and so do the earmuffs. I haven't worn ear muffs in so long! - Jeanine

  5. This is very smart and funny Terri! I love the approach to sharing your great Amazon surprise gifts and finds. They look terrific. Go rock the items! :)

  6. I love that poncho! Those are some of my favorite items in spring. I always feel like I'm wearing a fashionable blanket. Lol.