Cooluli Mini Fridg And Warmer Makes Traveling And Eating Healthy Easy

We travel a lot!  Since I try to eat as healthy as possible, I have to make most of my food myself.  In the past, I could only have foods that I kept cold in our cooler.  But with the Cooluli Mini Fridg and Warmer.  I can warm some of our foods while we are on the road, plus I can keep them cold as well.

This mini fridg can be used in our truck, car or even when we go camping.  I can also use it at home in our home office.  So versitile that I can use it almost anywhere!
It comes in 4 different colors.  Blue, Pink, White and Cow print.

You may think this little fridg would weigh a lot, but it doesn't.  It is very light and I can pick it up with one finger if I want to.  Of course once you put your food or drinks in, it will weigh more.  But alone, it only weighs a little over 4 pounds.

This little mini fridg will fit almost
anywhere.  It is small enough to fit
on our small desk.
This was suppose to be MY FRIDG.... but my Hubs has other ideas.  He is taking it hunting with him to heat his soup and sandwich in.   I will let you know how that goes.   Last week when he went hunting, he took a sandwich.  It was so cold when he went to eat it that he said it wasn't even enjoyable.
Be aware that this isn't going to make your food steaming hot, but it will keep it warm.

This will hold 6- 12 oz  normal sized cans.
But if you take the shelf out it will hold
taller cans or bottles.

Right now, I have the fridg in our office, but come next week it will be on the road in our truck while my Hubs hunts.

About the Coluli Mini Fridg And Warmer
SWITCH FROM HEATING TO COOLING: The thermoelectric system allows for easy switching from beverage cooler to food warmer! Holds up to six 12 oz. cans. Ideal size for use at home, in the nursery, office or dorm room – Mom’s love the ability to keep milk or formula at the right temperature. Bring your lunch to work in the morning and keep it hot all day. Change from cooling to heating with the flip of a switch!
  • AC/DC and USB ADAPTERS INCLUDED: The Cooluli Cooler & Warmer comes included with AC and DC power adapters – Easy to go from indoor 110V (AC) to car use by plugging the appliance into the car cigarette 12V (DC) adapter. Also great for use on boats, RVs and while camping or picnicking. Also conveniently comes with a USB power adapter to power the Cooler & Warmer with your computer or through any other USB charging port.
  • SLEEK, DURABLE DESIGN: The Cooler & Warmer has a beautiful matte finish on the outside. Sleek enough to leave at home or in the office – fits perfectly on your desk. Simply wipe it down to clean the inside and outside. The lightweight, sturdy polypropylene (PP) plastic design and magnetic self-lock latching door along with included DC adapter makes the Cooler/Warmer portable. The carrying handle on top makes transporting the appliance even more convenient.
  • THERMOELECTRIC COOLING SYSTEM: The thermoelectric cooler and food warmer works by transferring heat from one side of the device to the other along with electric energy. It’s recommended to wait 30 minutes before going from cold to hot. The Cooler & Warmer is 100% safe and Freon free. Since thermoelectric cooling works without refrigerants the Cooluli Cooler & Warmer is also environmentally friendly!
  • Exterior Dimensions: 11" x 7-1/4" x 10” / Cooling Capacity: 40ºF-45ºF below ambient temperature / Warming Capacity: 122ºF-144ºF

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    Be perfect for my office. I'm always having to run downstairs to the kitchen for drinks during the day

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