CoolFlakes – Creative and Educational Interlocking Brain Flakes With Included Building Base and Gears

What are CoolFlakes?  They are an educational building toy for kids and adults. I say adults because it never fails when you get a cool toy for you kid, you want to play with it too.
(These have small parts so they are not suitable for kids under 3 or those that put things in their mouth.)

What is so fun about these CoolFlakes is you can build things and make them twirl.  Yes... Twirl.  Check out my video to see it here. 

With these CoolFlakes, you can build whatever it is you can imagine.   Check out my little red Hot Rod.

This does come with an instruction booklet for those like myself who don't have a whole lot of imagination going on.  They did make me use my brain though.  

I have a Grandson that love building and then tearing apart to build again. For me, once I build something, I want to look at it for awhile.

So what would you create if you were the owner of these CoolFlakes?

About CoolFlakes
  • CoolToys Cool Flakes are the perfect toy for kids of all ages. Great for boys and girls! A full half inch larger than similar products. Each Cool Flake has 13 connectors compared to only 8 in similar products, and the middle connector (unique to Cool Flakes) gives you even more building possibilities. BUILD BIGGER!
  • Notice the intricate snowflake design unique to Cool Flakes compared to similar flakes. The flakes click together easily and stay strongly attached to make the building possibilities endless.
  • Comes with various other pieces including a WORKSPACE AND GEARS to connect Cool Flakes to the base and twirl your creations! Cool Flakes are not only fun but educational as well. Teaching spatial awareness and planning similar to building blocks, but with far more opportunities to let your creativity shine!
  • Good for hours of play! Cool Flakes inspire creativity and allow for endless creation. Allow your kids to explore their imaginations and UNLEASH THEIR INNER ENGINEERS.
  • Cool Flakes are child-safe and 100% BPA free. Suitable for kids aged 3+, may pose a choking hazard to younger children.

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  1. We love Amazon. I have a big gift card I am making a nice amount of a order with, so I will keep these in mind!

  2. Oh these are different - they look interesting, which I think my 6yo would actually go for. Great gift idea.

  3. I've never heard of Cool Flakes. What an interesting and educational idea.

  4. Those are so neat! They would make such a fun yet educational gift idea. I love any toy that teaches kids a STEM-based skill while still making sure they have a good time. I think that lessons stick better when kids enjoy learning them.

  5. What a cute idea and something different for sure. I think this would make a great gift and keep the little ones busy.

  6. I have never heard of these before!! I think my kids would love these to play with!

  7. My daughter loves building and I love it too. Cool Flakes look like a perfect alternative for other building toys. Have to check them out!

  8. There are so many interesting building toys around these days. I much prefer these over electronics.

  9. This is quite like Lego but looked interesting. It should be a great time killing exercise for kids...