SB Sox Next Level Compression Socks ~ Comfort and Support

For quite awhile now, I have been dealing with my feet and legs getting this funny numb feeling at night.  It doesn't happen every night but enough that I feel I needed to do something about it.      When I get that feeling, it gets so uncomfortable that I can't sleep.

First, I started doing some feet and leg exercises and I also wear compression sox when exercising, walking, gardening..... anytime I feel I will be on my feet a lot.  I even wear them to bed when I start getting that funny feeling.  And..... it helps.  It calms that feeling down so I can get some sleep.

I also have metatarsal and plantar fasciitis.  The SB Sox have a built in arch support that helps me reduce the pain from plantar fasciitis.   Plus, there is also cushioning in the toe and heel of the foot.  Perfect for me since years ago I hurt my heel when walking down stairs and my foot turned the wrong way. I came down on the top of my foot.  I think I cracked something, but x-rays didn't reveal anything.   That was over 15 years ago and I still have problems..... so yes.... the padding in the SB Sox is very welcome.
These sox are just so darned comfortable that I could wear them everyday all day long!!!

My Husband has never tried compression socks.  He doesn't do a lot of exercising, but there are times when he does a lot of walking.  Like when he is out hunting or on vacation in places like Las Vegas where you walk forever to get to the next casino.   He complains about his ankles and his arch when he does a lot of walking so he is going to give these a try.

For me, these socks are so comfortable that I could wear them all day long every single day.  I am headed to Montana and going to take these on the plane with me for sure.
The Hubs loves the socks and has even ordered 3 more pair for himself.
Right now they are on sale for $8.95 and that is a super price!!
Not sure how long that price will last so get them quick if you like wearing compression socks.

If you are on your feet a lot and have trouble with your legs, you may want to think about getting a pair of compression sox.  They work for me!

Benefits Of Compression Socks
. Support Legs
. Increase Blood Circulation
. Reduce Injury

Ideal for Running & Athletic Wear, Pregnancy, Basketball, Hiking, Flight & Travel, Nursing, Healthcare - Premium Below Knee High Cushioned Unisex Socks (Black) with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 

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  1. Stacie20:54

    I am going to show this to my Husband as soon as he gets home. $8.95 is a fantastic price.
    Are they tight on your legs?

    1. Stacie,
      We really like them. They support without feeling like they are to tight. If they were to tight, my Hubs wouldn't of ordered 3 more pair. He hates when things bind his legs.

  2. Susan20:57

    I am a runner and can tell you this. That is a great price for compression socks

  3. Karyn09:46

    I always wear compression socks when traveling. I can tell you I paid a heck of a lot more than the price on these.