About We Shop Amazon

Why do I buy Amazon?
.  Most times I can get the product at a lot cheaper rate than if I would shop in a store.
.  We are #AmazonPrime so most times shipping is free
.  Returns are easy
.  I can have my purchase sent anywhere

As a retired couple, we like to save money whenever possible so we comparison shop.  Most times, it is much less expensive on Amazon.

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Amazon policy says no more reviewing products that are free or discounted, but, I can still tweet them out for you.
If you are interesed in getting a lot of retweets to your product, I can put a tweet out for you linking to that product.   I will get at least 100 retweets on it.  Normally more.
Check out some of the products I have retweeted for others.
This does NOT have to be an Amazon product, I can tweet anything.

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Sports Bra Over 200 Retweets

Pooper Scooper (Amazon)

My profile on Amazon  ( Top 4,000 Reviewer)
I buy and review a lot of products.